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Welcome to Capri's Clipped Coupons, our goal is to offer Clipped Coupons.

We specialize in receiving our coupons from a wide variety of regions for the best selection and savings for you.


All pricing includes shipping.  There are not other shipping charge or other cost surprises.  Most clipping sites have minimum order size or charge "handling fees", starting at 50 cents for just 1 set.  You can order what you need here and all pricing is set as is.


These are great deals and lower than most Auctions on Ebay and other clipping websites when you include their shipping and fees.


With our service, you are paying for our time to find, sort/separate from newspapers, and clip & ship the coupons. All coupons can be used in any state, anywhere that accepts coupons.  

If you are interested in whole inserts, try our sister site - Capri's Coupons


All questions should be emailed to